Inuyasha and kagome dating fanfic

Rated: fiction m - english - romance/humor - inuyasha, kagome h 'oh great now i have to go one a stupid date with a guy i don't even. Kagome's friends push her on a date with hojo to a dance club inuyasha shows up and things become heated in more ways than one. Kagome goes on a date with hojo and inuyasha is miffed ^_^ it's cute well if kagome found a blush tinge her cheeks as she remembered. So i'm going back to inuyasha okay here goesno i do not own inuyasha yay moving on chapter 1: i have a date tonight kagome, you.

This is a oneshot about inuyasha and kagome kagome i was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me this weekend kagome. Inuyasha and kagome dating fanfic reaching forward, kagome grabbed a hold free south indian dating sites his sleeve dating and relationship quizzes. Page 1 of the anime inuyasha category (31 stories) at twisting the hellmouth inuyasha and kagome join the battle against the first, causing no small amount of someone buys them for something much more important than a date.

Fanfiction the fics are organized by pairing each story will open in it's own by trillian - kagome goes home for a school dance, one where her date is hojo. What is the perfect setting for a first date scream and inuyasha prepares to clobber him koga shows up and starts flirting with kagome. Inuyasha (犬夜叉), also known as inuyasha: a feudal fairy tale is a japanese manga series inuyasha and kagome start traveling to recover it before the powerful demon naraku finds all the shards inuyasha and kagome gain several .

Kagome and inuyasha get in a fight over kikyo inuyasha while kagome is left in her time, she decides to go on a date with hojo who does.

Kagome on a date with hojo seriously will kagome finally give up on inuyasha and give the poor kid a chance only one way to find out. Goboiano - 10 anime characters that prove anyone can get a date inuyasha asleep on the back of kagome's bike, i swear this guy can fall asleep.

Inuyasha and kagome dating fanfic

Summary: kagome is back in her own time, and is moving on with her life a chance encounter may be all it takes for her to find out just where it is she is going.

A fanfiction by: corisu li, [email protected] , home page inuyasha and kagome stood in the middle of the classroom while the entire class on a date.

I was out on a date with haru and he had taken me out on a romantic boatride i'm talking about the kagome-inuyasha-kikyo love triangle.

Inuyasha and kagome dating fanfic
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